Tuesday, October 16, 2018

My Township is a Piece of Work.

Canvassing is always kind of goofy.  When I was in the city, it could also be dangerous...hell, what am I saying, out here in the boonies it's no different!  Trump voters carrying shotguns....  My dad and I had one chase us once when we were looking at a wooded area, he was showing me where he got a deer, we were sitting in the middle of the road....

In any case, the average voting record for Dems in my township is something like 7% on a regular basis.  This tells me one of a few things.  Either all these records are wrong, or people here just are idiots or don't care.

So my Committee gives me papers.  Lists of inactive, infrequent voters.  Last year when I was working for a candidate, I had access to the voting dirt.  And I took good notes, and kept the records.  So this year, I have all those turfs to use - one of which has only 11 people who voted regularly out of several hundred.  I go to Google maps to see if this is a trailer park, apartment complex or what.  NO GOOGLE MAP ACCESS.   Sad and pathetic township.

But here's the thing.  So many of these inactives are probably dead or moved.  Who reports dead people to the election board?  I mean, I never heard of anyone doing that.  Although you would think that if someone moved, they would want to move their registration.....or do they just totally re-register?  You would think that the county would send the new registration in, I'm sure they ask for a SS number....it makes no sense.

This is how all those stupid rumors get started.   Maybe our 7% isn't really 7%, maybe it's 70% of all the Dems here vote, and we're just shit outta luck.

I'll know more later.....

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Rantz and some Good News?

2017 was not a very good year for Moi.  Not because of Scrump.  Or not solely...  and I could not post this until now because of an official complaint which eventually went belly up.

As many of you know, Bug was in grad school.  In a state university in a dreary, dull town, which doesn't deserve naming, so I won't.  I think the greyness of the town has infected the brains of all who work there.  We had to remove him from the program before they ruined his reputation.

Have you ever known people who you thought had no sense or no empathy?  That is what Bug has encountered over and over at this "grad school."  Starting with a prof who denigrated him for not correcting the grammar of an ESL student (when he has a language disability of his own)...yeah, you read that right - and who also called him "ridiculous" in a comment, making fun of him in front of the other grad students.  Yeah, funny how they say autistic people have no empathy.  Who calls a student with autism "ridiculous"?  Who does that?  Talk about beating a puppy.

It all ended with Bug spiraling downhill, all of this treatment and the fallout putting him into panic mode, and then with my having to spend 10 days out there in order that he wouldn't totally melt down.  And then my paying rent for a semester in an apartment he could not get a subletter for.  This, because unbeknownst to me, most people leave that place in December, they run fast and far and never come back.

In my advocacy work, I have always told parents, do Not send your adult children with disabilities more than an hour away from home to college.   And Bug has actually done well away from home - he lived at college (with us not seeing him for weeks at a time) for undergrad, he lived in DC and did an internship at the Smithsonian, taking the Metro every day and pretty much doing *everything himself from food shopping to paying the rent.  So to think that he would have done well at grad school away from the home area is not a far reach.

Until you are face to face with such institutional incompetence and indifference, you have no idea what can happen.  People who are so scared of imaginary lawsuits that they cannot do the right thing - which of course would help avoid these imaginary lawsuits, but take an extra 5 calories of effort - can ruin a person's life just in their stupidity.

So our theory from now on has to be, If an asshole can fcuk things up for you, they will.  Because they really don't give a shit about anything except covering their asses.

There finally was some good news, after all this - actually, after 9 months of looking, interviews, massive amount of resumes and applications both via home and OVR, he was finally hired.  Not exactly in what he wanted, but it will do for a start.  We think.  Except that it's on-call - so he's not really working, yet.  But there is a future in it if he decides he likes it.  If they ever call him in.... Yes, we have read the Reddit and seen how many young people don't have anything.  Then again, he hasn't had a paycheck yet, either....kinda hard to pay the student loans on-call....  We're just thankful that we could spin things so that his reputation wasn't totally ruined by the previously mentioned assholes.