Monday, May 28, 2018

Get off Thine Hinies

I have played with a local orchestra for over 30 years.  The people who run this group are mostly in their 70s and 80s, even though the bulk of the orchestra is under the age of 50.

None of the younger people seem to have an interest in helping.  "The Elderly" (and me, and a stray other over 60 or two) arrive to rehearsals 45 minutes early to physically set up chairs, stands and heavy equipment every week.  They are the bulk of the Board members.  They are the ones who run all the projects, find places to donate or advertise, etc. etc. etc.

So it kinda pisses me off.  I have asked the others to get involved, they don't.  They have asked the others to help, they don't.  It's like they just want to come, and not worry about anything other than playing.  While that would be nice, if our group went belly up, these lazy shits wouldn't have any other place to play.  Getting an orchestra spot (at least for winds, brass and percussion) is something we all hold onto like grim death.

This weekend we have a huge yard sale, which they have done for longer than I have been here.  The proceeds, usually several thousand dollars, rent or purchase music for us during the season.   I drive an hour several times over 6-8 weeks to help The Elderly price all the goods, which another member keeps in their home until the sale, and then help them the day of the sale.  It is no small feat.  I am bringing Bug to help them carry everything, we are talking furniture, and one of the women said she would bring her 80+ yo husband to help him with it.  OMG. 

I don't know how to get the younger people involved.  They don't donate money or their time (outside of playing time), there seems to be no empathy for the burden they put on the older members of the orchestra.  I don't understand it. 

I'm sure it's similar to the way young people don't vote or take part in anything any more.  I am also glad that I was never like that.  Never thought I was the odd one, but maybe I was.  Does life have to smack young people in the head before they understand the value of helping? 

Get the fuck off your asses, kiddies, or you will miss all the valuable and rewarding things in life.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


So, Fetterman won the primary here in PA.  We're happy.  Others, not so much.  Tough.

Needed a break, so I have been staying away from political crap for the last month, I cannot stand seeing 45's ugly face.   In the morning, HGTV goes on.  Or TCM.  Later on you might see the Smithsonian channel or a Cubs game.

It just got to be too much hate.  And that hate breaks everything.  It breaks friendships, it breaks the internets, the system that was already breaking is falling apart worse.  Especially in the land of special needs.  If I need to know, I will see it on Facebook or a blog, or hear it on the radio, and then I will look into it.

Did you know that when a couch breaks, the replacement parts take 4-6 weeks to come?  If you sit on the broken part, your ass will feel broken.

Oh, and my hair is breaking off.  Had my hair did a couple of weeks ago.  I think she fried me.  Aaagh.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


You know, like Jeet?

I am so happy that they have re-gerrymandered Pennsyltucky.   Now we get to at least have a chance at representation that doesn't live two hours away.  My podunk precinct generally has 17 people come out on primaries.  Today, we can say we had at least 40...when Bug went to vote at 2:30, that's what his number was.  Other precincts around here haven't been as active.  So we'll see.

Oh yeah, this.

And OK, I know, I haven't been here in a while.  I'll make up for it.  I started reading some blogs off my blogggroll, it was so nice to read intelligent thought.  The House of Moi has been going thru some crap over the last 10 months that just stopped the bloggg posting which I will eventually get to. 

Go vote.