Saturday, August 12, 2017

Put the Blame Where it Belongs.

My son did an archaeological field school near Charlottesville a couple of years ago.   He was able to go into town with the other students a couple of times during their free time, and really liked the place.  What has happened there is such a shame, and I don't know if I will ever get the chance to go there, but for the time being, I think I will wait...

We have Nazi groups near where we live.  Pennsyltucky, ya know.  Our Nazis have been fairly quiet and under the radar.  But the intensity of what happened today has shown me that any quiet is untrustworthy and could become unstable, at any time.  It is ok now to hate.

And it's all the fault of our Presidunce.

General Robert E. Lee took the blame for what happened at Gettysburg - he has been attributed as saying, "It was all my fault."  Controversial figure or not, he was not proud of killing 28,000 or so of his own soldiers.  Some accounts even have him as having suffered a minor heart attack that night.  But still, he had the decency to place the blame where it was due.

And Terry McAwful?  "Go home"??????   Um, DUH?   They ARE home.  Their home is everywhere.  Hate has been given the Presiduncial Seal of Approval.

Trump will never take the blame.  "Many sides" - What the hell does that mean?  I mean, this is the original Birther Dunce who incited the ignorant racists that make up 90% of the south - pardon me, this whole country.

Trump will never get rid of his Nazi in Chief Bannon, or any of the Nazi minions in his cabinet or who work behind the fcuking curtain.   Stephen Miller surely must be Goebbels incarnate...

I had an argument with a friend last night, someone who voted for him because she "flipped a coin" - someone who doesn't have cable, but can still spout the hate rhetoric of the Tea Party.  "Hillary is a criminal."  I told her that if our kids get drafted, she has herself to thank.  Everything that is going on now, she has herself to thank.  There is really no excuse that anyone with two brain cells to rub together can use to justify their vote for the Numbnuts in Chief.  Jobz?  Cut me a break.

I hope she is thinking about what she did now.  But I doubt it.  What is wrong with these people?

And what is wrong with Congress?  To anyone and everyone who can, PLEEZ do something about Fcukhead before riots in the streets happen in every town in this country.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How Much Smaller Can His Dikc Get?

The Mooch is gone, lol, I knew I didn't really have to worry about that.  Fcuk him.  And McConnell lost his healthcare repeal (for now), and someone put a giant chicken with Trump hair behind the White House....check the circle there on the right....

And now we have the Korea shit.  Can we just get through two fcuking days without a crisis?  Two baby-men acting like,MY dick is bigger/no MY Dick is bigger.....and the poor people in Idaho are choking from the smoke and can't get outside to build their nuclear bomb shelters...ok, we have a cousin out there so.....

Wars always give a president a boost.  And you just Know that 45 is itching to push that fcuking button.  Fire and fury, my ass.  If that's what he wants, send him this.  I'm sure he's tasted his own blood before.

Someone, please do something about this fcukhead.  And tell whatshisface over there in North Korea the coordinates for MarALago....