Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mrs. Toomey is Probably Seriously in Need.....

Something that came up a week or so ago.  Just sayin'.....Mitch, whose wife probably could use some as well, still wants to fuck up the ACA.   We're just waiting to hear the next barrage of horrible things they want to do to the disabled and elderly.

On Wednesday, Unbound announced a campaign called “Vibes for Congress” that allows people to send any $15 vibrator along with an educational pamphlet on women’s health to a specific representative. As an Unbound spokesperson told HuffPost, they recommend people target congresspeople who are “in favor of the GOP healthcare bill.” Seventy-five percent of the proceeds from each sale will go to Planned Parenthood. 
“The initiative is meant to shed a light on the importance of women’s health in the face of changes that would threaten it, while demonstrating that women will not stay silent in the face of such dire risks,” an Unbound spokesperson said. 

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