Sunday, April 30, 2017

No, I Didn't Go to Harrisburg...

Had a rehearsal.  It's end of concert season, last weeks of the semester, and my editing work has been piling up.   Bug is getting sick of grad school and he may end up there for three years instead of two.   This is not good for the student loans, but may be better for his sanity...

I think I have become desensitized to Trump.  That may be better for *my sanity  It's not good for the overall.  I have seen many good blog posts and can' seem to even bring myself to post one.  Will get back into it.

In the meantime.....Billions is an awesome show.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

He's Only Been Dead, What, 10 Years?

Pavarotti, that is.  Trump said they're BFFs.  Like, Now.

The look on the Italian prime minister's face is priceless.

Here's the whole video.   But for the comment, the WaPo's video is on the link above.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Later, Pig.

Who cares who replaces him?  Anyone is better than this scumbag.

The Murdochs have decided Bill O’Reilly’s 21-year run at Fox News will come to an end. According to sources briefed on the discussions, network executives are preparing to announce O’Reilly’s departure before he returns from an Italian vacation on April 24. Now the big questions are how the exit will look and who will replace him.

Here's the letter.....

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ether Bunny

So the First Dimwit has screwed the American children now.....

For 138 years, the annual Easter Egg Roll has been the biggest single public event held at the White House, attracting over 35,000 Washington-area schoolchildren, military families, and Congressional guests to celebrate Easter.
Not this year. When the Trump’s  host the high-profile event April 17th, it will be significantly scaled down as a result of a failure to do the necessary advance planning, purchase the wooden eggs given as gifts on time and send out invitations to bring the children and their families to the White House for the celebration. 
“The evidence,” reports The New York Times, “points to a quickly thrown-together affair that people close to the planning said would probably draw about 20,000 people — substantially smaller than last year’s Easter Egg Roll, which drew 37,000 — and be staffed by 200 volunteers, one-fifth of the usual number.”
The person most involved with the Easter Egg Roll typically is the First Lady, which appears to be the problem. Melania Trump, unlike her predecessors, has not moved into the White House or taken as active a role as prior Presidential wives and has been slow to hire her full contingent of staff.

It really doesn't take too much to hire or designate a couple of staff members to take care of this.    Lady, if you hate your job so much, GET OUT.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pink Pink Pink Pink Moon

Because I'm tired of politics.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Don Lemon Wins the Internetz

Have you seen this video?  Hysterical....

They did, however, try to convince everyone else that Trump’s weekly vacations are just how he chooses build relationships with other world leaders.
“He can’t do that in D.C., Camp David?” Lemon said, clearly trying to hold back laughter.
Lemon correctly pointed out that Camp David was built for this very purpose, but Ferguson claimed that Florida is a better spot for such meetings because it has warmer temperatures.
To which Lemon replied, “Your golf clubs don’t work in the cold?”
Things rapidly devolved from there into bursts and fits of laughter.

But -- Wasn't golf started in Scotland?  Then, warm climate arguments don't wash.....

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Waggin the Dogger

So this morning, a friend on my SIL's FB says,

"John Smith was asked to return to active duty with deployment to Iraq. His 3rd middle east deployment. This was 3 weeks ago when he was approached."

(Name changed to protect the soldier....)

So, ok.  Nerve gas from Assad aside, has anyone heard anything in the wind about war?  Because doesn't DT need congressional approval for that?  I am sure he thinks he can probably just sign an executive order.  Oh, wait, no, he knows that isn't the case....

So, he knows.  And he bombed Assad anyway.

What about this?  

....Putin knows full well that a gas attack like this was likely to prompt at least some kind U.S. military response against Assad. So Putin wouldn’t have been behind this unless he wanted the U.S. to take military action in Syria. And the only logical reason for Putin to want that is if he was trying to set up a win for Donald Trump, which could boost his historically low approval rating. It would also allow Trump to paint himself as being willing to go against Russian interests, as an argument against the most serious charges in the worsening Trump-Russia scandal.

Sounds like this has been in the works for a while now.  Shame on them, for killing babies with nerve gas to make the Orange Fuckhead seem pResidential.

Friday, April 7, 2017

This is How He Does It

Had a death in the family, been very distracted this week.

However, the son of my friend Lisa from A Day in Our Shoes was invited to be in one of Laurie Berkner's videos!   Laurie's after our time, but I know she would have been a hit with Bug, too.

So happy for K!  (He's the one in the red shirt.)  This is the coolest thing ever.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fcuking Fcuk Fcukity Fcuk #Stupidphone

I hate fcuking Samsung.  They roll out the Nougat update for my Verizon S7.  BUGS GALORE.   It totally fcuks up my phone.  Battery dies within three hours from a full charge.  Phone rings and there is no way to answer it.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.

Plus, who is the stupid asshole who made the icons and font so small you can't read them???

It's just so dumb.  And the bright white background makes reading the teeny fcuking font even worse.  Not to mention, with teeny tiny little fcuking icons, women with fingernails can't press the damn things.

I factory reset.  Let's hope it works.

This is NOT an April Fool's joke.