Thursday, March 2, 2017

He Has a Point

Steven Singer from my newest blogggroll addition, that is....a "War on Ignorance", indeed -

But watching the orange one speaking to Congress last night, I got an idea. I know how to get this dimwitted blowhard to support public schools. And every conservative lawmaker will back him up.
 Sound impossible? Not really. But the best part is we don’t need the Democrats to do a darn thing. As if they could. Their thumbs are planted so firmly up their own asses it would take an army of proctologists to save the party.
We don’t need them. All we need is language. Just rename things. ....(snip)
Here’s plan: Trump wants to increase military spending by $54 billion. So we reclassify education as a branch of the military.
Defense spending already tops $600 billion a year. Federal education spending is only about $70 billion.
 I know what you’re thinking. If we do that, the armed forces are going to gobble up school funding. Not necessarily.
They can’t spend all the money they get now! The waste, fraud and abuse in the military is legendary. Piles of money – literally piles of cash – simply go missing and no one knows where they went or is held responsible.

There is definitely an in there, because uneducated people make lousy ass troops.  Can't think on your feet if you can't think, period.

Someone out there HAS to be able to think up a way for something like this to actually work.  You can say this is funny, but what they want to do to the educational system now is far from a laugh.  Something has to happen, and soon, before DeVos finds her pencils.

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