Wednesday, February 15, 2017

THIS is Medicaid

The Huffington Post has just printed the best article explaining Medicaid that I have ever read.

Chances are, you probably know someone who benefits from Medicaid:
  • Your child’s classmate with cerebral palsy might rely on Medicaid for crutches, physical therapy, and transportation to get to and from medical appointments and after-school programs.
  • Your elderly neighbor’s primary form of health care might be Medicaid, helping her to stay in her own home and volunteer in your community.
  • The woman with intellectual disability working as a part-time bagger at your local grocery store might use a Medicaid personal care attendant to help her eat, bathe, dress, and get to work.
Can you imagine if your child’s classmate, your elderly neighbor, or the worker at your local grocery couldn’t get medical care, or was forced into a nursing home or institution because they couldn’t get the services and supports they need?

I think I might cry, the rest is so good.  I want to shove it down a few people's throats, too.

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