Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Cat Bloggging

I know, it's 8 years old.  It's still cute.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rant No. 3,572,570 - You're Not Moi Friend.

I need to rant.

I know they say that during an election year, you see who your true friends are.   This year, for me, it has nothing to do with Democrat vs. Republican.  It has to do with basic human decency.   I never unfriended any FB friends over Mitt, lol.  

This year, it’s different.  And I have thought about posting or not posting this So many times….and I know lots of my friends are thinking the same things.  

So I told my "friends" on Facebook - If you post something – anything – showing support for a negative action or verbiage on the part of the Republican Presidential Candidate this year, do not be surprised if I unfriend you.

Why, you may ask?  

My tolerance level has been reached.  In the last two days, I have seen SO much HORRIBLE SHIT on my feed – and in people’s comments – and I am just so done with the ignorance.   I have wanted to cry more often than not.

And frankly, I expected so much more from my friends than that.  People I *always considered friends, not just “FB friends.”

I have a disabled son.   Trump makes fun of people with disabilities.  You’ve seen the video.   SO - Why don’t you just go spit on my kid?  Walk right up to him and spit on him.  Give him the finger, too.  Tell him he’s worthless and he sucks.  Call him the R word.  Because in throwing your support to Trump, that IS what you think of my son, AND the other 48.9 million people in the US who have a disability.   You cannot support someone like Trump and hypocritically say, Hey, but your kid is great.  NOPE.  Doesn’t work that way. 

Are you fat?  How about your parents or siblings or children?  Your best friend?  I’m not skinny any more, either.  Trump hates fat people, too. 

And don’t let me even get started on race.  Or sexism.  They could take two more walls up.  Heaven forbid you’re a fat Latina woman…..or you even need to make enough money to live….

But here’s the real question.

Would you put up with this from ME or ANYONE ELSE if we PERSONALLY said such horrible things about your loved ones?

No, you would not. 

So, Why support his bullshit?   WHY would you actually VOTE for a person who Hates for the most important job in the country? Someone who HAS said horrible things about people you know?  Is that HATE what you really want to be the face of the US?  Or don't you really care?  Much less, you don't even KNOW that person.  But many of you know me, and my family.

A vote is MUCH more than supporting your party.  And yes, while this may or may not be a “real” election – the candidate whose campaign got away from him – the outcome could be VERY REAL.   I’m sorry, but my son gets meager support from any government entity as it is, and NONE from Pennsylvania at all.  And you’d take that away from him?  Or from the millions more with so much more need than mine?

Sorry, I don’t need friends like that.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kiddie Cops?

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to Sirius - I believe it was the Michelangelo Signorile Show - where a retired police administrator from Philadelphia was talking about how the regs for joining the police force have been watered down over the years.  I have not been able to find out the show, or the person who said this, but if I do, I will link to it here.

Evidently back in the day, those joining the police in Philly had to have two years of college before they were allowed to join the force.  The administrator said that they did not like to take kids right out of high school, because "their brains weren't developed enough" and that everything they know is still immature in nature, and that they would respond from an emotional basis.  

This 2-year college requirement could be community college, trade school, 4 year college - it didn't matter.  The experience they got would be a couple of years of them being able to be in the real world, to grow up a little, to experience more than just what they knew from their home neighborhoods.

And then, this requirement was removed.  I believe he said that it was because TPTB were worried, they really needed a lot more police, and what better than to get the young ones right out of school?  Give 'em a job!

If this is true, it really makes a lot of sense that these kids just react, like a more immature person would, instead of taking the time to work things out in your head before determining your action.

I wonder if anyone ever took a look at this outside of the gentleman I heard on the radio?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Debating the Debate

Caveat: I have not been able to see the first 30 minutes, I was in a rehearsal.

I did get to listen to most of the rest of it on the radio on the way home.  Funny what you notice when you don't see the people....

The sniffing that Donald was doing was making me bananas.  Now, of course, everyone else seemed to notice it.  Someone even counted 12,000 sniffs?  And then there was this...

Yeah, that's from Howie's Twitter.

Then there was Hillary.  Her. Voice. Was. Like. A. Robot.  Almost. Like. She. Had. To. Think. About. Every. Word. She. Said.   That got irritating, too.  Whoever was talking into her ear needed to talk faster.

Of course it was the typical Drumpf blather.  I'm great because this is great and 400 pound hackers in their bedrooms, and my bar that I opened in Florida is the best at healing race relations (Ed.: WTF?)....and there are bad people we have to take guns away from....  He is such a natural talker, but the BS runs together after about 5 sentences.

Neither one of them were a prize, truthfully.  Hub said that he didn't think Trump looked as bad as what the talking heads are saying.  If that's true, then we might really have a problem.

In any case, if I hear anything when I watch the first part that might actually give me something that made *either of them look good, I'll let ya know.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Recent Things That Are Good....

~ They have started showing the old Tonight shows with Johnny Carson at 11:00 pm on Antenna TV (Channel 252 for us Comcrap folks). I think they started that sometime late in the summer.  It's great, actually, because now I don't have to watch those immature idiots that are on at 11:30.  OK, Jimmy Kimmel is ok.  But he's not usually on his game until abotu 20 minutes into the program.

~ Bug seems to be doing ok so far maneuvering in DC - he missed the fire in the Metro on Friday.   Came home early from work.  Still needs to do his wash, and it's been 3 weeks at least.  This to Moi will be the *real test....

~ I will miss the debate tonight because of a rehearsal.  The reason this is good is because I do not have to sit home and listen to Hub scream at the TV all evening.

Exciting, huh?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Not Just for Millennials

I have seen middle aged men pouting about the same shit.  Gary Johnson is NOT a replacement for Bernie.  Bernie would NOT want his followers voting for someone who supports this shit.

* He supports TPP.
* He supports fracking.
* He opposes any federal policies that would make college more affordable or reduce student debt. In fact, he wants to abolish student loans entirely.
* He thinks Citizens United is great.
* He doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage. At all.
* He favors a balanced-budget amendment and has previously suggested that he would slash federal spending 43 percent in order to balance the budget. This would require massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and social welfare programs of all kinds.
* He opposes net neutrality.
* He wants to increase the Social Security retirement age to 75 and he’s open to privatization.
* He opposes any kind of national health care and wants to repeal Obamacare.
* He opposes practically all forms of gun control.
* He opposes any kind of paid maternity or medical leave.
* He supported the Keystone XL pipeline.
* He opposes any government action to address climate change.
* He wants to cut the corporate tax rate to zero.
* He appears to believe that we should reduce financial regulation. All we need to do is allow big banks to fail and everything will be OK.
* He wants to remove the Fed’s mandate to maximize employment and has spoken favorably of returning to the gold standard.
* He wants to block-grant Medicare and turn it over to the states.
* He wants to repeal the 16th Amendment and eliminate the income tax, the payroll tax, and the estate tax. He would replace it with a 28 percent FairTax that exempts the poor. This is equivalent to a 39 percent sales tax, and it would almost certainly represent a large tax cut for the rich.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Very sad news

I know, we're all getting older, and this kind of thing is to be expected.  But for someone who made their living being funny, it's just extra sad that they end up going by losing their midn.

Terry Jones, the Monty Python star, has been diagnosed with dementia.
The 74-year-old is suffering from primary progressive aphasia, which affects his ability to communicate.

Bug and Hub are HUGE Monty fans.  The pair of them will sit and watch every episode, and know all the lines.....

Friday, September 23, 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

See, This is What Happened the Last Time....

I ran out of things to post.  OR I forget - which at this point is way more likely....

Really tired of the Drumpf crap, so I don't post about it, much less watch anything.   My Hillary sign is on my lawn, sticker on my car, that is enough for now.

Of course, the debate is on when I have a rehearsal...Trump is there now (in the same town) doing a rally.  :P    I did enjoy Hillary's speech in Orlando, FL yesterday about disabilities - but I want to know, why is it again that disabilities are not on during prime time?

When is the last time you heard a candidate for political office or any politician, for that matter….mention people with disabilities?

All of this was important for the general public to hear.  The news played the first few minutes of it that evening, but the important part didn't start until 10-15 minutes in.  There were a lot of important parts, for that matter.  The media picked up on employment.  She also mentioned college, and making it easier for them to attend.

Funny, when I saw her back in 2008, I asked her just that.  What about kids with autism who want to go to college?  Her answer was "Let's find out what causes it first."  I said, "you don't understand, there is a huge wave of kids in their teens now, they are coming, they are almost ready to go out into the real world now, it is going to be a disaster."  She ignored me.  I had said the same thing to Bill a few weeks earlier, and he was very interested in what I had to say, although I got from him as well "What do you think causes it?"  I said, I didn't really care, because that would not help my kid or any of the thousands like him who are well past causal issues.

So the fact that she is talking about the disabled at all - much less jobs (which is, BTW, the cause du jour in the autism community) - is something that should have been shown during prime time.

Of course, no one listens to Moi.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Instant Karma

How much do you want to bet there was a guy under there digging a hole clear to China?  Wishful thinking, anyway.....

The stage for a Donald Trump event held Friday morning in Washington, D.C. collapsed live on air behind MSNBC’s Katy Tur nearly immediately after the event concluded.
Tur was discussing the back and forth between Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee and front-runner for the presidency Hillary Clinton over when the respective candidates would release their medical records when shouts broke her focus on the camera.
Those shouts were because the stage was collapsing, dramatically throwing the colossal black drapes backdrop across the room. After a brief moment of watching the comical spectacle, Tur returned her focus on the camera with an “um, anyway…”.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just Say No

I can't believe people actually drink this stuff....

"It's literally a burst of acid and flavor all in one that brightens cocktails and dishes in a very subtle, balanced way. It rounds out cocktails and cooking recipes similar to how a pinch of salt does," company founder Sarah Gordon told Tasting Table

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rant No 3,059,256

So over the years my son was in school, I used my bloggg to vent.  It worked some of the time.  Other times, I got breast cancer and gained weight.

Today, I read this post - and it just set me off.  Not at her.  Just at everything.
Now, once again, my son’s school was saying that they were out of ideas. I felt like I was being asked to be his case manager, therapist, teacher, social skills coach and professional consultant. I came to a realization.
This wasn’t a job I asked for. I’m not even sure how I ended up with it. But I didn’t want it any more. I would still be his advocate. Beyond that, I just wanted to be his loving, concerned and—yes—often overwhelmed mom.
I don’t get to have fun with my son when I’m constantly processing what happened at school and what he could have done differently. We don’t spend quality time watching dumb TV shows when I’m busy troubleshooting problems that come up. I don’t get to enjoy him as much as I could.
I’m not doing my real job of being mom very well when I’m taking time off to provide strategies for the professionals at his school. And it’s not like I have any new ideas anyway. I’ve given it my all. I’ve tried to be everything. It’s too much!
So when I went in to meet with them about this latest incident, I quit.
This is for all the school admins who don't get their teachers proper training, all the colleges who supposedly prepare the teachers, and think their educational course is "complete" (BIG FUCKING JOKE), all the teachers who fight us tooth and nail for asking for the least little fucking service without ever researching it themselves....but then when they can't handle something, they ask US?   And then when it comes down to it, and they have to admit they DON'T KNOW SHIT, well, don't cry to MOI.  Do your job, or lose your job, instead of asking the already-stressed out parents who pay your fucking salaries.

Yes, I am TIRED.  I have been doing this stuff for over 22 years.  Guess what?  It will NEVER end.  I get to do it until the day I die, and then, who knows who will do it?   And I keep reading and reading and READING about this SHIT in schools that is STILL happening to so many others - it doesn't stop. I mean, really - over 22 years?????

Hear this, I do NOT mind being a mom.  I love my kid.  I do NOT want to do YOUR job.  Mine is plenty, thank you.

Have you people EVER thought about what it is like to be the parent of a special needs child?  How about where EVERYONE in the system fights you when you even just ask a question?  We live our lives dreading having to talk to anyone about our kids.

And the STRESS.   Sure, teachers have a lot of stress.  So teachers, where did you go on vacation this summer?  Did you have fun?   I haven't been on a vacation in over 3 years.  I just love living vicariously through people's Facebook vacation pictures.  Fuck you.  It's not my fault our kids make your job Hard.  Waaah, let me cry for you.

I have spent the last 22 years doing YOUR job, researching, generally three years in advance, trying to predict the future.  If I don't, your ineptitude or lack of effort sets my kid back 2-3 years.   If I hadn't done your job, my son would be nowhere near where he is now.  How I would so much rather have been working, not just because I liked it, but to save for a vacation, or something fun to do with my kid.  But Nooo.... And now that he is grown, no one I know hires 60 year olds except Wally World.

If the blogger above is any indication, pretty much every school district has a whole passel of assholes like those teachers at her IEP meeting.

I guess they'd all rather we moved....Delaware's school tax situation is looking a hell of a lot better than our district here in PA.  But ya know, most of us can't afford to move.  We've already lost any non-essential income - including retirement money - to pay for our kids' therapies.  Parents will NEVER be done with any of this.  We will be living lives of stress as long as we are alive.  The least little thing You People in the schools can do is to Just Do Your Damn Jobs and let us BE instead of making things worse.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Philalala - Home of the Flying Catfish?

I'm serious.....

Lisa Lobree tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that she was walking near the city's art museum on the morning of Labor Day when she heard a "rustling" in the trees above her, and was suddenly slammed in the face with what turned out to be a 5-pound catfish. Witnesses saw a bird, possibly a hawk or eagle, flying away. The bird had apparently dropped the foot-long fish, which fell more than 50 feet through tree branches before hitting Lobree, who was left with a cut on the face.

Probably smelled lovely, too.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Back from the Wilds of DC....

We have been in Our Nation's Capital since Monday.  It seems like every time I go there, it is at least 95 degrees out.  Makes it really a miserable place to visit.  I'd rather go in the fall.

But we were stuck.....  You see, Bug moved into his abode for the next three months, so we were learning how to use the Metro, having interviews, getting that very worthwhile disability metro pass....

Did I tell you that he got an internship at the Smithsonian?  Paid, no less!

They are extremely slow in placing the interns. Typical Fed.  He actually does not know for sure where he will be - the guy who is in charge of the department where he thinks he will be is on vacation until midweek next.  He has met him, they had lunch the other day, so keeping fingers crossed.  However, the office is going to keep him busy, they promised me...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I need a Spreadsheet to Keep Up .....

More and more Rethugs are hopping off the Trumpy bandwagon....well, maybe hop isn't the right word....

I laugh because this article lists three Bushes as the first to jump....but, after what he did to Jeb on the campaign trail, can you blame them? No surprise here.

Very few of them have committed to Hillary, though.   Although Paul Wolfowitz is now a Clinton supporter.  Okay....

Ya know, ya gotta shit or get off the pot....If you're not for Stumpy, we know what the deal is....not supporting Trump means you have one choice at this point.  Gary Johnson is a non-entity.

“The vast majority of Republicans in elected office are weak-kneed,” Elmets said. “That includes Speaker Ryan and Mitch McConnell, who are acting as if Donald Trump is simply an out-of-control toddler rather than potentially the next president of the United States.”
No Balls.  

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Stuck Much?

Garrison Keillor went off today on the can just hear him reading this....

What the fans don't know is that it's not much fun being a billionaire. You own a lot of big houses and you wander around in them, followed by a waiter, a bartender, a masseuse, three housekeepers, and a concierge, and they probably gossip about you behind your back. Just like nine-tenths of your campaign staff. You're losing and they know it and they're telling mean stories about you to everybody and his brother.
Meanwhile, you keep plugging away. It's the hardest work you've ever done. You walk out in the white cap and you rant for an hour about stuff that means nothing and the fans scream and wave their signs and you wish you could level with them for once and say one true thing: I love you to death and when this is over I will have nothing that I want.
If he wins, he'll be stuck with that nothing for four years.  I don't think he'd really have that much fun.

You, Too, Can Be Institutionalized!

Finally someone is "getting it" when it comes to the suckage known as the Waiting Lists....

Being on a waiting list for community-based services may be evidence enough that an individual with developmental disabilities is at risk for institutionalization in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.
In a statement of interest filed this month, the Justice Department said that if individuals with developmental disabilities are not receiving services in the community, they may have a claim that their rights have been violated.
“Non-institutionalized individuals with disabilities who are not currently receiving state-funded home- and community-based services may bring a claim that a public entity has placed them at risk of institutionalization or segregation in violation of the ‘integration mandate’ of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act,” the federal filing indicates.

Even worse, they are income-based.  If you make $2 over the limit (usually based on SS in some form) you do not qualify for any services.

And, in PA, many counties are putting people into institutions in lieu of providing services in the community.

This is all legalized discrimination, much less keeping the disabled in poverty if they want services.  So if they are lucky enough to get a part time job, they lose the very supports that enable them to work.

We have had to fight just so the disabled could utilize a bank.  Until this year, they could not have more than $2000 in a savings account.  You don't get to buy a car, or a house, unless you just keep the money under the mattress.  PA still hasn't pulled up their pants, they are still getting it up the ass, because One Term Tommy Corbutt wouldn't get on board with the ABLE bill.

What the fuck is wrong with people?   Who comes up with this shit???

Those suing in the case known as Ball v. Kasich allege that Ohio’s disability service system violates the ADA by offering immediate institutional placements, but imposing years-long waits for those seeking community-based offerings. 
Oh, that's the "normal" one who ran for Prez, right?

I hope they get him, BUTT good.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Pooch Bloggging

Because Ollie isn't cooperating.  And he bit me.

Ziggy loves the TV.  

Ever see the movie My Life as a Dog?   That's the kid, crawling across the floor, barking like a dog.  And Zig is barking back.  

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Y Soitenly You Should Go!

If you have never been, you must go.  Even if you are not a fan.

Image result for stoogeum

Yep, it's real.   About 20-30 minutes north of Philly.

We went one day last month - Hub was always a fan, Bug never really watched them - they haven't been on cable much.  My brother was a big fan, as well - they were on as much as they could be back when we were kids.  I was not as gung ho.  They were ok, not my first choice.

The Stoogeum is in a corporate center, in its own building, tucked back in an out of the way space in Ambler, PA.  No photos are allowed inside, or I'd have taken them.

Inside they have video and quiz machines, an auditorium with constantly running shorts, scads of memorabilia - and not just of the Curly era.   The memorabilia - and the story - starts way before then - when they were stooges for Ted Healy's act. There are rooms or areas for every phase - including Shemp, Joe, and Curly Joe.  Domestic *and* foreign posters, toys, clothing and costumes, books, you name it, it's in there.

The owner is married to Larry Fine's granddaughter.  Larry was from Northeast Philly, about 20 minutes from the Stoogeum.  

My personal favorite is the "cartoon wall" - any cartoon that was drawn which had a Stooges reference has been put onto a wall near a stairway - and should be much more prominent, if you ask Moi!  Fun to read the Wizard of Id, Ziggy, and political cartoons of yesteryear. I needed more time....does this mean I have to go back one day?

And when we came home, Bug turned on Youtube and watched pretty much every Stooges video he could find.  I'd say the place was a big success.

Image result for stoogeum